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Making Viettel’s headquarter a smart building

By: ABB Automation & Electrification (Vietnam) | Posted: Thu, 04/23/2020 - 15:56

ABB pioneering technologies help Viettel Group to achieve green and inno-vative asset objectives for its headquarter.

Located at the golden land area of Hanoi capital, Vietnam, the Viettel headquarter has overall structure presenting the brand’s logo and overlooks to a 32-hectare park including a 19-hectare water surface of an air-conditioning lake. Being functional in late 2019, the building has accommodated Viettel Group’s key business and functions with around a thousand employees. Viettel Group’s ambitious about making its headquarter in Vietnam a standard for other Viettel’s buildings over the world.

“As a Vietnamese technology leader in the country, Viettel aimed to develop our headquarter building as a symbol of innovation so the technologies we use must help us to achieve this objective, ensure operational reliability and bring the most comfort to the people working in the building in the digital age. For this reason, we choose ABB” Said Mr. Ha Quang Huy, Director of Real Estate Management of Viettel Group.

ABB’s supplied technologies include Medium Voltage Switchgear Unisec, Type Tested Low Voltage Switchgear, System Pro E Power, Dry Transformers, ABB i-bus® KNX system and HVAC ACH580 drives.

Viettel Group's new headquarterViettel Group's new headquarter

Strong and green power

ABB dry transformer, a high-efficiency solution supports Viettel to minimize environmental contamination and fire hazard for the structures. Manufactured in accordance with international standards, ABB dry transformer is virtually maintenance free. Containing no oil, the transformer is ecological and many of the integral parts are fully recyclable, which fits with the “using clean and renewable materials” motto of Viettel office project.

Meanwhile, the ABB System pro E power, an innovative main distribution switchboard solution, fulfils all electrical installation requirements in terms of protection degree, segregation form and electrical characteristics. In addition, the system brings the perfect synergy with all ABB’s low voltage equipment to meet the reliability and efficiency that building’s operators expect.

Smart building control

In order to meet the high demand of safe, smart and connected workplaces for a dynamic and creative working environment, Viettel headquarter is equipped with most innovative solutions for smart building control including the well-established ABB i-bus® KNX system and HVAC ACH580 variable speed drives.

In the innovative ABB i-bus® KNX system, all devices of the building ranging from lighting and shutter control to heating, ventilation, security and energy management communicate with one and another via a single bus interface which is installed alongside the normal power lines. Thanks to the ABB i-bus® KNX system, the Viettel office becomes easier to manage and control delivering increased flexibility, security, economic efficiency and convenience. The operational flexibility of an ABB i-bus® KNX electrical installation allows working routines at Viettel’s office to be adapted easily and comfortably to the needs of the building occupants.

ABB’s ACH580 drives are the next evolution in the speed control of electric motors used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications. The drives’ HVAC-specific functionality makes the air conditioning processes more reliable and the environment comfortable. With precise control, the motors only use the energy required to produce the air or liquid flow needed at any given time, so no electricity is wasted. Thanks to the drives’ ultra-low harmonic (ULH) version, excessive electrical disturbances in the grid are avoided to ensure continuous operation. A built-in override mode helps overcome fire emergency in the building, increasing safety of the occupants and property. Integrated BACnet connectivity allowed the drives to easily and cost-efficiently become part of the building automation systems.

“ABB is proud to be a partner of Viettel Group on this innovative building project and to contribute to a greener, safer and smarter operation of their new headquarter. With ABB’s solid track record for smart buildings in Vietnam, we will continue to help investors achieve their green footprint” said Doan Van Hien, Sales Director, Electrification Business of ABB in Vietnam.

Viettel Group is the largest Vietnamese multinational telecommunication service provider being owned and operated by the Vietnam Ministry of Defense.

ABB started operations in Vietnam in 1993. In the 27 years since, it has grown to be a reliable partner in the field of technology, providing turnkey solutions and services in the market. ABB is well presented in the Vietnam’s smart building sector with many other iconic projects in Vincom Landmark 81 - the tallest building in Southeast Asia, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72 - the second largest building in Vietnam, Times Square, VietcomBank Tower, Thao Dien Pearl to mention a few. ABB i-bus® KNX system is used widely in important buildings such as National Assembly Office - the largest public building in Vietnam, Headquarter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Army Television Tower, Presidential Office, Petrol Vietnam and so on.

ABB(ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB has four customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation, supported by the ABB Ability™ digital platform. ABB’s Power Grids business will be divested to Hitachi in 2020. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 147,000 employees.


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