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ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalisation and realise valu

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Why ABB Ltd.?


ABB in Vietnam is part of ABB Group, a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 135,000 people.

Established in Vietnam in 1993, ABB recently has more than 800 employees working in three regions across the country to ensure the nationwide presence of the ABB brand. The Head Office and Transformer Factories are located in Hanoi, High Voltage and Medium Voltage Power Product factories are in Bac Ninh, other branch offices are in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

As Group structure, ABB is organized in four divisions: Power Grids, Electrification Product,  Process Automation and Discrete Automation and Motion in order to serve each group of customers in a most efficient way. Supporting to four business divisions, we provide full range of lifecycle services from spare parts and equipment repair, training, migration to remote monitoring and technical support.

In each market and industry, we offer our customers a dedicated and competent team of sales, professional services and engineering expertise in support of the Group’s extensive ranges of systems and products.

Through the years, ABB in Vietnam has established itself as a reliable and competent technology partner to government, private and domestic sectors and become one of the most prestigious names in power and automation technology in Vietnam.

We are committed to helping our customers to use power effectively and increase productivity in order to create a better world. We are committed to a long term development in Vietnam, to grow along with the development of power industry and industries of Vietnam. 


Career development and learning

At ABB, we are as dedicated to our people as we are to our business. The level of support, career development and opportunities that our employees enjoy is among the best in the business world. We strive to make sure that they get everything they need to realize their full potential, relying on a mix of structured talent management and learning offerings.

There are more than 135,000 employees at ABB with their own personal goals and aspirations. As we believe that employees perform best when their interests and skills are in line with their job, we try to enable this perfect fit. Thousands of new opportunities are created each year, and it is up to employees to take up their next challenge, as they know best where their passions lie. They are responsible for engineering their own careers; however, at the same time, we offer numerous processes and tools to support their career development. We enable personal growth and development by offering open dialogue, including structured feedback, knowledge transfer and opportunities for multi-directional career steps, such as working on different projects, moving between various businesses or rotating among functions or geographies. 

We value our talent and are ready to invest in its development, therefore, we have created and keep growing our portfolio of different learning programs. From personal development to the skills you need to excel as a manager or a specialist in your field, we have it covered. For all employees, whether you want to improve your basic skills, learn more about our company and its principles or work on your business English, you will find what you need at ABB, including ABB University, Leadership Challenge Program and Language Learning. For technical and professional development, we are offering a combination of coaching and on- and off-line learning, we can help you push ahead, including competence development program, professional qualifications and technical knowledge transfer. For management level, to support our leaders, on each stage of their career we offer several managerial development programs, such as Management Development Program, Middle Management Program and ABB Life.

Diversity and inclusiveness

We work on some of the biggest challenges facing business and society today, right around the globe. To succeed, we need to understand the people we serve and the cultures they live in. That means we need talented people from all over the world.

At ABB, we welcome different ways of thinking and acting, different qualities and skills, different experiences and backgrounds. We value them because we are dedicated to being inclusive, recognizing and respecting all aspects of what makes someone unique.

Rewards and benefits

We know that compensation is important and believe it should be fair and consistent. Therefore, we apply a job evaluation methodology using consistent criteria to establish the value of a job. We have created a long-term remuneration strategy to continuously improve our offering and make our rewards and benefits as relevant and effective as possible. 

Wherever you work for us, we strive to make sure your compensation is competitive and fair. 

Our benefit programs encompass a wide array of offerings and typically include pension, life insurance, access to medical facilities, work-life balance programs (eg, flexible working hours or possibility to work from home), welfare programs (eg, medical screening), lifestyle benefits and others. The packages are built in a way that is compliant with the laws of the country and is competitive in the respective market conditions. 

We thrive on your performance, and our programs are aimed to increase employee interest in ABB’s business goals and results. Various programs, which are global and country-specific in nature, are positioned in line with respective market conditions and typically include share plans, profit sharing, rewards, sales incentives and so on.


We have not only ambitious goals but also a clear agreement on how to achieve them: For us, the means are as important as the ends.

For that reason, we have a strictly defined set of business principles based on responsibility, respect and determination. These in turn guide the way we work every day, our approach to health and safety and the wider consideration of our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen.

We have not only ambitious goals but also a clear agreement on how to achieve them: For us, the means are as important as the ends.

We want to be recognized as a world-class leader in everything we do, and we want all of our stakeholders to be proud of their association with ABB.

Our principles make that happen. 

We have not only ambitious goals but also a clear agreement on how to achieve them: For us, the means are as important as the ends. For that reason, we have a strictly defined set of business principles based on responsibility, respect and determination. We want to be recognized as a world-class leader in everything we do, and we want all of our stakeholders to be proud of their association with ABB. Our principles make that happen.

Trust begins with you

We have identified five areas for maximizing our potential to stay competitive in the long term. Running as a common thread throughout the organization, these five "ABB Behaviors" are relevant for all employees. They guide our thinking in both large-scale strategy and day-to-day operations. They are Deliver Results, Collaborate, Innovate, Focus externally, Act responsibly.

Sustainability begins with you

For ABB, sustainability is about balancing economic success, environmental stewardship and social progress to benefit all our stakeholders. Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture products, what we offer customers, how we engage suppliers, how we assess risks and opportunities, and how we behave in the communities where we operate and towards one another, while striving to ensure the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and others affected by our activities. Sustainability Priorities include: Environment; Policy and performance, covering sites, products and suppliers; Corporate Responsibility; Policies and performance covering human rights, community engagement and the supply chain; Occupational health and safety; Policy and performance, covering employees and contractors worldwide; Security and Crisis Management; Policies and programs to safeguard employees and assets worldwide.

Leadership begins with you

At ABB, integrity begins with leadership, responsibility and accountability. The tone from the top is clear: we are committed to integrity and we walk away from non-compliant business. Recurring integrity messages from our CEO and other senior leaders in videos, articles and letters, serve to reinforce our commitment to doing business without breaking the rules. But integrity leadership does not stop at the top. Our integrity program relies on local management to lead by example. With support from top leadership, local leadership, committed integrity resources, and partner resources (like Human Resources and Sustainability Affairs) throughout the company, we are able to foster a strong and sincere culture of integrity.

ABB has invented a revolutionary way to allow humans and robots to work in close proximity—without cages or fences—to maximize the potential of both and boost productivity to new levels.

ABB’s smart sensors monitor your electric motors to increase their performance, efficiency, reliability and lifespan. The pocket-sized performance-measuring device can be retrofitted to almost any low-voltage motor and connect it to the Industrial Internet of Things . Operational data is transmitted from the sensor to a secure, cloud-based server, where it is analyzed and transformed into feedback sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.

As a leading supplier of electrical propulsion systems for the global marine industry, ABB is helping ship owners answer mounting pressures to increase fuel economy and reduce their fleet’s environmental impact. Our family of Azipod thrusters has set the bar for reliable, efficient and versatile vessel-propulsion solutions.

As urban centers develop farther and farther away from power sources, we must find new ways of efficiently transporting energy from where it is available to where it is needed. ABB is a pioneer of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission, enabling grids to transport greater levels of power over longer distances with minimal losses.

ABB’s smart home solutions manage temperature, lighting and other ambient factors to match them exactly to your life. ABB’s i-bus® KNX technology is based on the world’s first open standard for control of all types of intelligent buildings. Fully integrated appliances give you centralized, user-friendly control via smartphone, tablet or computer, making it possible to set the ambience and environment remotely.

ABB’s smart flash-charging technology lets cities reduce the ecological impact of their transit systems without affecting passenger capacity or journey times.

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    Pros: - ABB share information with employee, listen to our ideas - ABB pay people decently and give us best benefits (health care & training opportunities) - Strong training programs, crystal career path - Work - Life balance
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    Pros: - Flexible working environment - Challenging tasks and great empowerment - Attractive total reward and benefit package - Various specialized training and also for all employees - Talent Management and development schemes - A truly global organization where employees can experience in anywhere ABB is present

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